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Double prams

Thinking of buying a double pram?

There’s no doubt that double prams are a convenient way of transporting two children at once. Especially during a hectic day, the ability to strap both kids into the stroller and get going is priceless. There are many options for two-seater prams and strollers on the market and the first step in starting your research is to narrow down your options by selecting the type of double pram or double stroller that will best suit your family.  

Types of double prams

Whether you see them referred to as double pram, double pram stroller, double buggy, twin stroller, 2 in 1 double, tandem double pram, side by side stroller or any combination of these, when we break it down there is are two categories:

Side-by-side double prams

Two stroller seats are positioned next to each other with both seats enjoying the same view of the world.

The Babybee LUNA is a side-by-side double pram.

Tandem double prams

Two stroller seats (or bassinets) are positioned one in front of the other.

The Babybee DUO is a tandem double pram.

What's better?

Whether you’d prefer side by side or tandem (in-line) double prams is a matter of personal preference. Below are some key points for consideration.

Width - At 75cm vs 60cm wide the LUNA is clearly wider than the DUO. Although it does fit through standard doorways it will be more difficult navigating crowded footpaths, shops and tight spaces.

Maneuverability -People are often shocked to hear that side by side strollers are actually easier to manoeuvre than tandems. This is due to the length - the shorter the pram the easier it is to turn. And for the same reason, tandems are also harder (and heavier – 16.5 vs 13.7kg) to push up curbs.

Configurations - The LUNA is a fixed seat, side-by-side stroller that is not compatible with a car capsule at this stage. A soft-shell newborn cocoon is provided with the LUNA for babies less than 6 months old. The DUO has over 18 configurations including stand-alone bassinets and selected car capsules.

Other things to consider when selecting your double pram

  • The age of your children, and how long you expect to use the double pram
  • Will it need to convert to a triple pram?
  • Does it need to convert down to single pram?
  • Do you want your double pram to be a jogger or just a stroller?
  • What pram accessories are included?
  • The size of your car boot – will the stroller fit?
  • How much storage do you need the pram to have?
  • What seat features do you need?
  • Do you want equal space for each child in the double pram?

There’s certainly a lot to consider when buying your double pram, double stroller, twin pram, tandem double stroller, double stroller pram, side by side pram or whatever you want to call it! All this pram stroller talk can certainly do your head in, but it doesn’t need to be so hard. As mentioned, simply break it down to the type of double pram you want and then the features that you and your family need most. And if there’s anything further we can do to help with your decision, don’t hesitate to get in touch at
Happy double shopping!  

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