ROVER Priority Dispatch - 19th June

The Sage ROVER is currently available for Pre-Order.

All pre-ordered stock is estimated to be dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse by the 26th June.

If you would like to opt for a priority dispatch, for an additional $25 we'll ensure your order is dispatched on the first day which is currently estimated to be by June 19th.


How do I request priority dispatch?
Simply add this Priority Dispatch 'product' to your cart along with your pram and any additional accessories. 

Are these dates 100% confirmed?
We're 95% sure that there will be no changes to these dates unless something should happen outside of our control. 

Can I get express shipping?
We don't offer express shipping due to the restrictively high costs for parcels of this size (min $250+).

What exactly does priority dispatch mean?
That your order will be bumped to our priority queue and dispatched before regular orders. It's first in best dressed so the first person to purchase will go to the top of the list, the next person will be second etc.