ROVER 2017 Aeroglide™ Rear Wheel (Set)


Are you looking to upgrade your ROVER 2017 back rear wheels?

These wheels are the same as the 2019 versions, except for the addition of the white ring to match the original ROVER 2017 design and the exclusion of the new Babybee logo.

Aeroglide™ technology provides additional cushioning to help absorb some bumps and movement as you travel. They're also puncture-proof and maintenance free! The rubber-like substance is more resistant to gravel and small stones than the 2017 EVA wheels were so they'll look newer for longer. However, all wheels will eventually wear down over time and may need replacing (similar to bike tyers). 

What's included:

2 x Aeroglide™ Rear Wheels


  • ROVER 2017
  • ROVER 2019 - plain black wheels (without the white ring are available for the 2019 model).  

    If you would like to have matching front wheels, you can them purchase here.

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