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Orbit Buggy Board v2

Orbit Buggy Board v2

Orbit Buggy Board v2


Due to popular demand, the Orbit Buggy Board V2 has sold out and has been discontinued.

Good News! We are expecting our new universal buggy board (which will fit all our babybee range), to become available estimated late May.
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If you can not wait until May, we can confirm and recommend the Bumprider Ride-on Board as an alternative that will fit our Comet range. 

The Babybee Orbit Board v2 replaces the earlier Orbit model. This model is universal and will fit most prams or strollers. The adjustable arms attach to the sides of the frame. 

The Orbit board allows your older child to sit or stand as your younger child cruises along in the babybee COMET, COMET plus or ROVER*. A detachable stool brings comfort to longer strolls, or simply remove the stool and they can stand, allowing them to easily hop on and off for shorter trips.

Please note:

  • The Orbit board does not flip up and attach to the pram when not in use. Instead, it is recommended that it is removed.
  • The Orbit board does not have a seat belt.
  • The Orbit board works with the seat or bassinet on, however, it is a tight fit with the bassinet. 
  • Suitable for children 2+ at parents discretion. 
  • Maximum weight capacity: 20 kg.

Download the Orbit Buggy Board v2 manual here - Orbit_V2_Manual.pdf 

*ROVER compatibility: Please note that the ROVER Buggy Board now has it's own model of buggy board, compatible with the babybee ROVER only. Whilst the Orbit will fit on the ROVER, the ROVER Buggy Board is much quicker and easier to take on and off. (Note: excludes stool attachment)


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