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Video Review Competition

WIN a full refund on your recent pram purchase.

How to enter? Simply film a short video review of your new pram and upload here.

Video guidelines:

Feature a ROVER 2019, DUO or LUNA pram.
Filmed in landscape.
Show the full pram.
Filmed in your house or in use out and about.
Include your favourite things about the pram.
30sec - 3 minutes in length.

Feel free to get creative! You don't have to be in the video yourself, but we do need to see the pram!

See the below video for just one example of how you could do it.

Selection criteria:
We're not looking for the next YouTube star or professional videographers! We're looking for real, honest reviews from our Babybee community that may assist first-time pram buyers in selecting the right pram for them.

The winning review will be based on the following:
Meeting the video guidelines
A review that is genuine
A review that shows the pram and its features in an accurate way