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Introducing the Comet plus

Available for pre-order now, the Comet plus has everything you loved about the Comet now with upgraded, luxe features as requested by our loyal customers.

The Comet plus includes:

  • Extra large, extendable canopy with air vents 
  • Rear air tyres and rubber front wheels 
  • Tan leatherette handlebar, belly bar and harness covers
  • Quilted bassinet fabric with additional pockets
  • Removable bassinet mattress protector in plush fabrics
  • Summer / winter seat liner with plush fabrics 
  • Upgraded bassinet and foot covers for an even more snuggly fit
  • Sturdier shopping basket 

All for only $599! Free Shipping. Free Accessories. Free Returns. 

Available for pre-order now 

Pre-ordering a pram means you pay now to secure your Comet plus. You'll receive it as soon as they're available – we're expecting our first delivery in early July.

Click here to pre-order now

New colours

The Comet plus will be available in your choice of black or silver frame and we're excited to introduce 3 new, on-trend designs to the range.

Navy – a classic colour perfectly complemented by tan leatherette trim

Grey Leopard – our clever customer, Chanei entered this pattern in our customer designed pram competition late last year

Peach Fizz – our latest designer collaboration with the super talented Toucan.

Plus our 5 best sellers will be making a comeback! Charcoal, Vanilla, Blush, Grey Cross Milk & Cookies. 


Frequently asked questions

What's included?

When will you know the exact dates?

The prams are currently in production and we do not yet have confirmed shippment dates. As soon as we have more details we will update this page. If you have placed a pre-order you will receive email updates.

Are the Comet plus accessories compatible with the Comet? 

Yes, the Comet plus accessories will be available for purchase on the Accessories and Spare Parts pages on our website, and can be used with the Comet. 

The accessories on our current Comet model can be used with the Comet plus – so if you have a Comet colour pack you can use this with the new Comet plus.


Will the Comet still be available?

Yes, the Comet is still be available in Charcoal and Vanilla for $499 including free shipping, free returns, and $150 worth of free accessories.