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+ Car Capsule Compatibility

Our ROVER and DUO are only compatible with selected car capsules listed on the following page. We have not tested any other models of car capsules.

The LUNA can not be used with a car capsule.

+ Do I need a bassinet or can I use the seat? 

Our ROVER, DUO and COMET (discontinued) seats are specifically designed for use from 6 months plus. The reason for this is that they are not a flat surface when reclined as you'll see below:

The main risk with putting a young baby in a seat (or capsule for longer than an hour) is that their back becomes curved with legs up and neck tilted forward. This can restrict the amount of oxygen they're getting and sadly has apparently led to cases of seizures (and even worse) across Australia - hence why the Australian safety standards now require companies to advertise the seats as "6 months plus".

Experts recommend bassinets for babies <6 months as the safest travel option for their development and safety. Here's why:

  • -Bassinets are specifically designed to meet all of your babies needs
  • -Bassinets reduce the risk of SUIDS (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death – formerly called SIDS)
  • -Lying flat ensures their airways remain clear
  • -A flat, firm surface allows them to stretch out and move freely which is important for both muscle and spinal development (your baby is developing rapidly during this period)
  • -A flat position is also most comfortable for bub to sleep in, but keep in mind that pram bassinets are not recommended for overnight or unsupervised sleep

We recommend keeping your baby in the bassinet until they are around 6 months of age or can sit up unaided.

+ Delivery Time Estimate

All orders for in stock products (not on pre-order) are sent dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse within 1-2 business days.

Delivery is via Australia Post's Parcel Post Service. For a delivery time estimate click here and enter 3029 (Truganina) as the "From" postcode.

After your order has been dispatched from our warehouse you will be sent a tracking number via email so you can track its progress.

+ Demo's & Stockists

We sell exclusively online (no stockists, expo’s or demo days) to reduce hefty overhead costs, save hundreds in distributor and retailer margins and pass these savings onto you!

Watch a Virtual Demonstration: The best way to get a feel for our prams is to watch our comprehensive virtual demonstrations. Either sign up to our next demo and ask us questions in real time or catch the replay now.

Test drive a Babybee: We offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee, allowing you to set up the pram in your living room and if it’s not the perfect pram for you send it back in new condition for a full refund (we’ll even cover the shipping!)

+ Melbourne Demo's / Warehouse Pick-up

Our Melbourne office was open to customers for a trial period during June and is no longer open. Please refer to the above tab "Demo's & Stockists for further information.

Warehouse pick-up not possible -Our stock is all managed by a third party distribution company with no Babybee staff on site. Please place your order online and it will be dispatched within 1-2 business days.

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+ Set up Instructions and Manuals

ROVER 2019

Watch ROVER 2019 Videos



COMET plus

View COMET plus manual

Watch COMET plus videos

ROVER 2017

View ROVER 2017 Stroller Manual

View ROVER 2017 Bassinet Manual

Watch ROVER 2017 Videos

+ Where is my order? Tracking Updates

All orders are dispatched from our warehouse within 1-2 business days.

We deliver via Australia Post's Parcel Post Service. You can check delivery time estimates on their website below and enter 3029 (Truganina) as the "From" postcode: Get Delivery Time Estimate

After your order has been dispatched from our warehouse you will be sent a tracking number via email so you can track its progress here: Track Your Order

If it looks like your order has not moved: Australia Post couriers will sometimes fail to scan orders correctly when picked up. These orders won't show up in the system until they are at the delivery center nearest to you.
Please wait until the expected delivery time (get an estimate above) has expired before contacting us. Australia Post will not look into deliveries unless the maximum estimated time has past.

+ Returns

Wan't to return your pram? No problem! Just follow the steps below:

  • 1. Repack your pram and any un-used accessories as they came* (in the protective packaging and the original box).
  • 2. Email to receive a pre-paid shipping label.
  • 3. Print and attach the pre-paid label.
  • 4. Drop the box off at your nearest Post Office.

We'll notify you once your return has been accepted and refunded (to your original payment method) within 14 days of arrival at our Melbourne warehouse.

Note: Returns are processed fortnightly. Refund will be for the original purchase price of the pram and any accompanying accessories. Original shipping payment will not be refunded.

*Please make sure your pram and any accessories are returned in original condition.

Read the full policy here

Warehouse address:

13 Shiny Drv
Traganina VIC

Please note this address is a distribution center and no Babybee staff are on-site.

+ Air Tyres

Unless found faulty on arrival, Air-tyre punctures and damage caused by general usage are not covered under our manufacturing warranty.
Repair and replacement options include:

Is your tyre showing a bulge? This is probably the result of a sharp impact with a kerb, rock or even pothole, usually to one side of the tyre. The cords that make up the inner casing of the wheel become weakened or even break causing a visible bulge like this. The only option in this case is to replace it.
It is possible that the tyre and tube have just been pushed out of place due to the impact. In this case you may be able to correct it by deflating the tyre, repositioning the inner tube back into position and inflating the tyres to the recommended PSI (which can be found on the outside of the tyre).

+ Spare Parts & Accessories

Select your model to view spare parts & accessories



ROVER 2019

ROVER 2017


+ COMET and ROVER 2017 Seat Height


  • New COMET Plus seats can be purchased via the following link. The new seats offer an additional 12cm of head height:
  • For additional harness length ensure the shoulder straps are thread through the top position on the seat and through the corresponding top slot on the seat liner. To get the maximum harness length, refer to the 2:10 mark of this video:
  • The COMET Plus seat also offers additional strap length if needed.  

ROVER 2017

  • Shifting the canopy connectors further up the frame (so they sit above the round plastic guides on the frame) will give you an additional 5cm of head height.


For further information on all of our seat sizes please refer to the following link:

+ Adding a 2nd Seat/Toddler Board

COMET & COMET Plus: No 2nd seat option. View compatible toddler board:

ROVER 2017 & 2019: No 2nd seat option. View compatible toddler board:

DUO:View compatible toddler board:

LUNA: No toddler board available

+ Compatible parts/accessories between models

Our COMET, ROVER, DUO and LUNA are all unique models with none of the major parts of accessories compatible between them.

E.g. You cannot use a ROVER or COMET seat or bassinet on the DUO.

The only compatible parts include our pram Blankets, CoolRide Seat Liners and Leatherette Handlebar Bag. Please refer to the Accessories and Spare Parts pages, each product lists the models it is compatible with.

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