COMET Range Parts and Accessories

Important Customer Notice

Copy of customer email - 3 October, 2019

We wish to let you know that today until October 13th will be the last opportunity where we can guarantee that all COMET range parts and accessories will be available for you to purchase.

And to thank you for your ongoing support we're reducing the price of almost all items!

Some items will continue to be available throughout 2020 or until they run out, however, we will not be able to offer guarantees of stock availability after next week.

Note: Warranty claims will, of course, continue to be covered for the length of your warranty period.

What does this mean for me?

From today, we're inviting you to order (or pre-order if not currently in stock) any items you think you may need or want to replace in the future. After Sunday 13 October 2019 we will not be able to guarantee stock availability.

So it's a great time to give your pram it's twice a year deep clean and decide whether anything may need replacing. New parts may also help to increase your resale value if you hope to sell it later 😉

What's on sale?

Most items will be on sale ranging from $10 - $50 off until Sunday 13 October 2019 (see individual product pages for sale price and savings)!

Why would I purchase now?

If you’re planning on using your pram for a few more years or with a second child, you may want to replace some parts or purchase a spare depending on the condition of your pram and how you use it.

E.g. If you have air tyres and you plan to keep using your pram for years to come, you may want to buy a spare set now. Or if you'd just love a new Coral Colour Pack they're now $30 off!

It's of course completely up to you whether you'd like to purchase. And you're welcome to wait as long as you won't be heartbroken if they're sold out when you do decide to purchase.


We've written a list of FAQ's to help with any questions you may have deciding what you may need to purchase, simply click FAQs below for details. If your question is not listed in the FAQ's simply email our lovely customer service team will be able to assist you during regular business hours -

Our support doesn't end here, if there's anything else we can assist you with now or in the future we're always here to help!

Team Babybee

P.S We're absolutely loving seeing you out and about on your adventures through social media! Thanks for your bringing us along for the ride and your continued support over the years.

Got Questions? We've got Answers!

Which prams are affected?

All COMET, COMET Duo and COMET Plus models. The full COMET range.

When will orders be dispatched?

If in stock (will show ADD TO CART BUTTON): 1-2 business days.

If the item is listed as preorder (will show PREORDER button): we currently expect stock to arrive in January however we'll keep you updated as we get closer to the date.

Important! If you order an item on preorder, it will automatically hold all items in your order until the pre-ordered item arrives in stock and they can be all sent together. If you wish to receive the in-stock items right away you will need to place two separate orders and pay the $15 shipping fee twice.

What payment methods can I use?

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Babybee Gift Card, Afterpay, ZipPay, PayPal.

Why was the Comet range cancelled?

Due to your helpful feedback! Thanks to survey data from thousands of you, you helped us to develop the newer model ROVER which launched and replaced the Comet range in 2018.

Why can't you guarantee that you'll have stock?

Due to the high costs of manufacturing small batches of parts, we've decided to do one last batch before closing the Comet range production lines forever.Over the past 6 months, parts and accessories have been selling at a much higher rate than we'd forecast for (likely due to the second hand market) and we've almost exhausted what we thought we'd need for 3 years!

What items will still be available next year?

Unfortunately, we just won’t know. We can guarantee all stock is available until the 13th of October however we can’t make any guarantees after this. It's totally dependent on demand which has been hard to predict. Have a read of the below question to decide what we recommend you buy now.

What do you recommend I should buy now?

We recommend giving your pram a good deep clean (which you should be doing twice a year) to work out which parts (if any) are looking old and may need replacing in the future. Below are some notes to help you decide why you might want to replace certain items. Please see individual product pages for details on each product.

Critical parts (that you won't be able to use your pram without).




If you plan to use your pram for a few more years, just like bike tires your pram tyres are subject to punctures so it may be a good idea to buy a spare or rubber set.

Front or Rear Rubber Wheels

Replacement or spare sets if your rubber wheels are wearing out.


Replacement or spare if you've been overloading your basket or it's beginning to tear.


If you’re still using the original COMET seat with head barrier, you may want to upgrade to the new version which offers more head room. A new seat can also increase your resale value.

Metal Canopy Rods

If you’re COMET plastic rods are beginning to warp, you may like to upgrade to the metal versions which will forever hold their shape.

Canopy Connectors

You shouldn’t need to purchase these unless you’ve twisted yours too many times or damaged them and they no longer sit correctly.

Bassinet fabric

Replacement for bub #2! New bassinet fabric can also increase your resale value if yours is in poor condition.

Non-critical parts and accessories (you can still use your pram if you miss out)



Colour Packs

If you want to grab a bargain buy a Colour Pack now and save $30. New fabrics will also help to improve the resale value of your pram.

Bellybar or Handlebar Cover

Replacement or spare. Note the Leatherette in some cases may start to “flake” over a number of years of use.

Harness Covers

Replacement or spare.

Upper frame

If you’d like to set up your bassinet as a stand alone bassinet and swap between seat and bassinet in seconds.

Bassinet Cover (black only)

Replacement or spare.

Rain Cover

Replacement or spare.

Foot Muff/Cover

Replacement or spare.

Pram Blanket

Great price!

CoolGel Seat Liner

Great price! Perfect for Summer these liners help to cool your little ones body temperature back to at least room temperature.

Leatherette Handlebar Organiser

Great price! Replacement or spare.

How do I know which parts will fit my pram?

Check the info label on the frame bar above your basket to find out if you have a COMET, COMET Plus or COMET Duo model. On each of the parts and accessories pages we list whether it is compatible with each of these models.

Will stock runout before the end of the sale?

Some items will, however, if they do run out they'll go straight onto preorder so you'll still be able to purchase to secure the stock you'll just have to wait until January next year to receive them.

When does the sale end?

The sale will run from the afternoon of the 3rd until Midnight Sunday13th October, 2019.

What happens if I need something later and you're out of stock?

All we will be able to suggest is to look on Facebook marketplace, Gumtree, eBay or similar where you may find a customer selling the accessory you need.

Can I buy just a seat liner on its own?

No, seat liners are only available within a Colour Pack. The reason why black Foot Covers and Bassinet Aprons are available is simply due to having excess warranty stock of these items so we're making them available to purchase.

What if you run out of warranty parts?

We won't!

Do you have any discontinued prams we can purchase?

No, we’re completely sold out and recommend looking at our ROVER model!

Will any of the other models parts and accessories be on sale?

No, typically we don't run sales on parts or accessories. This is a unique sale for the COMET range only.

Are any of the other models parts or accessories compatible with my pram?

No, as they're all completely new and different models, none of their parts or accessories are compatible with the COMET range.

How long is my warranty?

Customers who purchased after February 2016: 12 months warranty from the date of dispatch

Can I turn my Comet range pram into a double?

No, you can't add a second seat or bassinet however we do have a stand on Universal Toddler Board for toddlers 2yrs+

How do I contact you?

Email us at or hit reply to the email we sent you regarding this sale.