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Due to popular demand, the Comet has sold out... AGAIN!

But don't despair, more Charcoal and Vanilla Comet's will be available to order at 8am on Monday 12 June. Register your details to be notified of any updates.



Due to the arrival of the Comet plus, our original Comet will now only be available in Charcoal and Vanilla. If you're looking for a little more colour in your life, check out our Comet plus here!


When will the Comet's be dispatched to me?

Within 2 business days of you ordering as per our usual policy.  

Will you still make Colour Packs for the Comet?

Featuring extendable canopy with air vents, and plush seat liners, the new Comet Colour Packs will be available for $99 and will be compatible with the Comet soon.