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Travel system prams

Don’t let the word travel confuse you, when it comes to prams a "travel system" does not refer to a pram that can be taken travelling on planes. It refers to car travel due to a car capsule being able to attach to your car and pram. If you’re after a pram that can be taken on planes rather than cars, look for a super lightweight stroller that either folds up for cabin baggage or has a padded bag to protect the stroller if checked in luggage.  

Types of prams 

Lightweight stroller: As the name suggests it is ultra-lightweight, less than 7kg, very small and compact. Designed for travel, as a car stroller and not typically used for regular, everyday use as they’re generally not as sturdy or durable, and don't come with as many features. You may also come across umbrella strollers, these simply fold up like a long umbrella and make a great car stroller option.  

Jogger: Specifically engineered to withstand the impact endured while running. Joggers typically have a fixed, reclinable seat that won’t sit perfectly upright, they have three large air tyres, the option to lock the front wheel in place and a hand brake. Note: do your research, just because it has three wheels does not mean it’s engineered for jogging!  

2 in 1 bassinet & stroller sets: Have the option of both a newborn bassinet and a toddler stroller seat. Bassinets are the best option for newborns as the flat position is best for a developing spine. Typically 2 in 1 prams will have the ability to face the seat or bassinet in either direction. They can take up slightly more space when folded but generally offer the most features of all of the options.  
Travel systems: If you plan to purchase a car seat, keep in mind that a baby car capsule can also be attached to a type of pram or stroller often referred to as a travel system. These travel systems will have separate adaptors which allow specific brands of infant car capsules to click on to your pram or stroller so that the car capsule can be moved between your car and pram or stroller. Make sure you check which car capsules your travel system is compatible with before purchase. Perfect if you plan to regularly transport your baby by car as you won’t need to wake them when taking them out and into the travel system.  

Things to consider when selecting your travel system

  • Age of your child – do you need a bassinet for newborns?
  • Will it need to convert to a double pram at a later date?
  • Will you use a car capsule or car seat? Car capsules can attach to some prams and strollers. 
  • How will you be using you pram – running, shopping, strolling, travelling?
  • Size and weight – will you be lifting and transporting it in the car daily?
  • How much storage do you need the pram to have? 
  • Required features – reversible, full recline options, higher seat for bad backs? 
There’s certainly a lot to consider when buying your baby pram, car stroller, system stroller, travel stroller, 2 in 1 bassinet and stroller set or whatever you want to call it! But as mentioned, if you start by breaking it down to the type of pram or stroller you want and then the features that you and your family need most it will be a lot less daunting! And if there’s anything further we can do to help with your decision, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or Facebook.