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What’s the difference between a stroller and a pram?

What’s the difference between a stroller and a pram?

Prams and strollers, the terms are used kinda loosely to reference almost anything you can put a child in and push. But what exactly is the difference between and pram and a stroller, and which one is right for you and your little one?

The stroller

Suitable for toddlers and beyond, the stroller can be a convenient option to keep in your car for using on those quick trips to the shops when you only have a few things to tick off your ‘to do’ list and you want to get in and out with minimal fuss.

The classic stroller features a smaller canopy, small wheels and a fixed seat position. They are also usually very lightweight and offer minimal storage options. The ‘umbrella stroller’ gets its name due to the fact that it folds down to the size of an umbrella.

True strollers will also have limited options for add-on accessories (purpose-built foot covers, rain covers, extendable canopies, sun shades and so on) and will be more of a ‘take it as it comes’ option.

A stroller is a great option for travel and for those who catch public transport often. With its key features being light and small, it will be the easiest option for hopping on and off public transport quickly, and travelling interstate or overseas.

The pram

A typical pram is suitable from birth right up until your baby has no need for a pram anymore (between 3-4 years of age). Prams are available in a range of different options: large, small, and everything in between. If you are yet to have your baby and see yourself having lots of outings, a pram will likely be what’s right for you.

Extra accessories are also widely available for prams so there will always be an option to suit your lifestyle. From organisers to keep valuables within easy reach on the handlebar, foot covers to keep your precious bundle warm, extendable canopies to keep the sun out and storage for days, available accessories are endless.

The term ‘pram’ can cover a multitude of different available options too, three wheelers, four wheels, joggers, all terrain, everyday, the list goes on and on ….. and on! As mentioned above, any pram will have an option for use right from day one whether it be an included bassinet, an optional bassinet or the ability to connect a capsule, there will be an option to suit a newborn.

Seat recline is also an included feature with prams, with most being able to recline to 180 degrees to allow your child to nap. Reversible seats are another common feature. The ability to parent face or world face is a great inclusion and will see you able to use your pram in more instances and will allow you to keep your baby happy on every single one of your outings. Sometimes your little one just isn’t happy unless they can see you!

The difference

Key differences between prams and strollers are suspension, size and the age group it’s designed for. Prams are more padded and supportive to allow for use with newborns and young babies, whereas strollers will be thin and have limited support. Both will include a harness for safety and a red brake to comply with Australian pram safety standards (https://www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/prams-strollers).

If you already have a pram or you have an older toddler or child, a stroller will be a perfect option for you to keep handy for those quick trips. A pram, while larger, will be more suited to a longer day out or perfect if your baby is still young.

The top pros when choosing a pram over a stroller include providing additional shock absorption and a smoother ride, as well as giving you the storage to carry all that you’ll need to cater for a young baby (bottles, nappies, and dummies for days!) 

2 in 1 bassinet and stroller sets

While you can buy prams and strollers separately, a good option for those who are looking for something suitable from newborn to toddler age is a 2 in 1 bassinet and stroller set. 2 in 1 sets (like the Comet and the Comet plus) bring together the features of a pram and a stroller and offer the option to alternate between both.

What's right for you?

Whether you’ve chosen to go down the path of a pram or a stroller, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Age: all prams and strollers will have a minimum age requirement. As mentioned in the points above, prams are mostly able to be used from birth but some do require you to purchase an additional bassinet or attachment to make it compatible for a newborn (check out our Comet and Comet plus which include everything you need to get you going from birth without having to purchase extras);  and some pram seats are only approved for use from 6 months onwards so it’s vital to do your research.
  • Weight: maximum weight limits will also be indicated for any pram or stroller you choose to purchase. It’s important to stick to these requirements and not exceed them. Each model will have been tested only up to its maximum weight capacity.
  • Features: write a list of the features that are ‘must haves’ for your lifestyle. Everyone is different, so what suits your neighbours’ adventures with their children may not suit yours at all. Maybe they like to go for runs so have a pram suitable, but if you just mainly go shopping, then you won’t need half the features they do.

We hope that’s cleared up the difference between a pram and a stroller, and helped you make the choice a little simpler when deciding which type is right for you! Want more information? Feel free to comment below or contact our team of mums at hello@babybeerams.com.au with any pram/stroller related questions.


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