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Our latest customer designed pram: Marble

Our latest customer designed pram: Marble

Marble is continuing on its way to world domination. You only need to visit any homewares (or baby) store to see how much of a presence marble currently has in our lives, it’s everywhere! Following the winning design from our 2016 competition, the ever-popular Grey Leopard print designed by our winner Chanei, we were so excited to find out what our customers has in store for the 2017 competition round. 

For those unfamiliar with how the competition works, our product development team hand over the reins and open up the ideas to our customers instead. The competition has 2 rounds, the first being open to anybody who has an idea for a new print. We saw swans, stars, rockets, raccoons and everything in between. We’re always blown away by the creativity and thousands upon thousands of fabulous ideas entered. Round two (which we find the hardest!) is narrowing down all of the entries to just 5 and opening them up to a public vote. Again, everyone had the chance to vote for their favorite of the 5 chosen, and this time we were stunned, 80% of all voters chose Marble. We knew early on that we had a winner on our hands. The lucky winner who submitted the idea of a marble print pram first was Stacey. A great choice on her part, it’s already proved to be hugely popular with our customers.

That being said, we’re excited to introduce the Marble Comet plus


We asked Stacey what it was about Marble that she loves so much;

"Marble is definitely on trend at the moment, it’s everywhere I look including my own home. The very first thing that popped into my head when I saw the competition to design a Comet plus, was marble. I have a one year old boy but when buying the baby essentials, I always opted for the gender-neutral option so I could use it again in the future and save myself from buying everything again if we happen to have a little girl in future. I just love neutral colours, they are so stylish and easy to pop in a little bit of colour if you want. The pattern has turned out amazing for the new Babybee Comet plus." Stacey W

We certainly have to agree Stacey; marble prints are very popular and still going strong in baby essentials. We’re so excited to see this amazing design come to life. We have to admit it’s not something our team would have chosen on their own, which is why we love the competition so much! It gives our customers a voice and the chance to have a say in what they want to see.

On trend and affordable, that’s exactly what we like to be at Babybee.

The Marble Comet plus is available for pre-order on our website. Already have a Comet or Comet plus? Jump on the marble bandwagon and grab yourself a colour pack.


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