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How the babybee Comet folds to suit your car boot and home storage

How the babybee Comet folds to suit your car boot and home storage

When it comes to purchasing a pram the question "will it fit" is a big part of the decision making process. For those are short on space and need a pram that will leave enough room in your car boot for shopping the babybee Comet or Comet plus is a great option to consider. Its easy to fold down, and the option to easily remove the bassinet or seat makes it easy to get into small spaces – like your car boot, or store out of the way at home.

Having a full sized pram that’s lightweight and compact doesn’t always mean that you need to cut down on features either, when folded the Comet (and Comet plus) frame is a minimal 29cm deep, 61cm wide and 78cm tall but still packs a punch in the features department. Including everything you’d want in a pram that takes you through from newborn to toddler; full-sized bassinet, adjustable handlebar, reversible bassinet/seat, full recline seat, large extendable canopy and storage for days, it ticks all the boxes! 

With a surprise feature that lots of babybee mums and dads love, the frame is also self-standing. This means you can find any spare corner of your home to store your Comet frame when not in use, with the bassinet or seat placed beside it.

Comet in the Toyota Yaris

Car boot size is always a deciding factor when choosing the right pram for you. The babybee Comet is able to fit into some of the most compact boots; the Toyota Yaris hatch being one, and the Suzuki Swift being another. Both are tiny car boots, and still able to accommodate the Comet. The rear wheels of your pram can be swiftly removed with the simple push of a button easily accessible on the outside of the wheel itself, and make your pram even more compact then before, giving more room to fit all your shopping in as well! Win!

So, which car boots does that babybee Comet fit into?

We’ve gone out to our existing customers to compile a list of their cars and how easily they fit in the Comet. This has given us an even better view of how adaptable it is, we didn’t want to just rely on our staff feedback with their own cars, we love reaching out to customers when we can to gauge the adaptability of our prams.

Our customers have told us the Comet has successfully fit into these cars:

  • Ford Fiesta
  • Nissan Dualis (2012 model)
  • Holden Astra
  • Nissan Juke
  • Holden Astra Hatch (2008 model)
  • Mitsubishi Mirage (2013 model)
  • Suzuki Swift
  • Mazda MPS Hatch (2010 model)
  • Audi SQ5 SUV
  • Hyundai i30
  • Nissan R34 GTR (1999 model)
  • Holden VF SSV (2014 model)
  • Subaru Liberty (2000 model)
  • Mazda 3 (2007 model)
  • Mazda 2 Neo (2015 model)
  • Holden Vectra
  • Honda Accord Euro (2007 model)
  • Mazda 323 (1999 model)
  • Holden Captiva
  • Mazda 3 hatch
  • VW Golf Hatch
  • Mitsubishi ASX
  • Holden Cruze
  • Holden Barina (2014 model)
  • Renault Koleos
  • Kia Sportage (2015 model)
  • Nissan Qashqai
  • Hyundai Accent Sedan (2014 model)
  • Subaru XV
  • Landrover Discovery Sport
  • Mazda 6 sedan
  • Mitsubishi Lancer hatch
  • VW Golf GTI (2008 model)
  • Kia Rio (2011 model)
  • Toyota Yaris 5 door hatch

And we've got some pictures to show you how in this Facebook gallery (which we'll keep updating every time we hear about another car that easily fits the Comet).

Leave us a comment below if you’re using your Comet in a car that’s not on the list! 

Comet in the Suzuki Swift

How to check if the babybee Comet fits in your car boot

Start with our specifications images, then get out the tape measure and get measuring.

Another hot tip when looking at your own car boot, is to check where the anchor point for your car seat is located, generally it’s in a non-obtrusive place, such as the back of the last row of seats, but in some cases (like with the Hyundai Getz) it’s located on the floor of the boot itself, making the boot size a little harder to deal with when it comes to storing your pram in there. It’s always handy to check, any pram may well fit based on boot dimensions as a whole, and it’s important to check other factors like the anchor point for car seats, and where the tail gate actually closes.

Take your time doing your research on dimensions vs. features to find the perfect pram for you, and as always, if you’d like help our customer service team is here, with young babes of their own and plenty of pram tips. Reach out anytime to or leave us a comment in the box below.




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