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Ever wondered how Choice test prams and where the Comet ranks?

Ever wondered how Choice test prams and where the Comet ranks?

Customer reviews are a great resource when buying a pram, but when it comes to safety and durability, it's best to hear it straight from the experts! The Choice team lab-tested, and reviewed mid-sized prams and strollers available in Australia against the Australian Safety Standards to help you find the safest, most durable and convenient ride for you and your baby. 

The whole pram world can be such a confusing place, and where do you start?! I can confidently confirm that choosing my first pram (pre-babybee days) was THE hardest decision, you need to weigh up what looks good and suits your needs, as well as what’s safest for your little one, research how the safety tests are carried out, and what you feel comfortable with.

We’re here to give you a little insight with the help of Choice. They’ve provided a great video showing their testing facility which goes above and beyond the standards that need to be met for a pram to be sold in Australia.

Choice pram safety and durability testing

The Choice testing team have 15 years of experience testing baby products, so they absolutely know what it takes to pass both safety and durability tests. They have a great explanation of what their testing involves on their website here


So where does the Comet rank?

We’re so proud of our #5 rank and have been working closely with Choice to take on their findings, improve our current model, and take under advisement their recommendations with any models we introduce to the babybee range in the future.

Below are the top 10 prams that passed both safety and durability tests for mid-sized prams ranging from 8-15kg for total pram frame/seat weight (we we’re shocked at how many fail!)

  1. Quinny Zapp Xera2
  2. Valco Baby Quad X
  3. Bugaboo Bee5
  4. Baby Jogger City Mini 4-wheel single
  5. babybee Comet
  6. Phil & Teds Dash 5.0
  7. Steelcraft Acclaim
  8. Valco Baby Snap Ultra
  9. Dymples Envy
  10. Thule Urban Glide 1

These prams passed the key safety tests, were the most durable, and are the easiest to use. 

The whole babybee team make safety a priority, keeping up to date with the latest findings on safest practice when it comes to pram use, and always keep it at the forefront of our minds when looking at the design of our prams.

Aesthetics are a huge part of choosing a pram of course, we all want something that looks amazing, so we make it our mission to find the right balance and bring you all something that is safe for you and your baby, looks amazing, and then of course is affordable! 

Your pram will almost become a part of your family for the first few years of your children’s lives, so it’s important to get it right. We definitely understand how confusing it all is and how lost you can become, providing information on our blog has become second nature to our mum team especially, always gathering information to share with you all to make your choice so much easier and clearer.

To view the full Choice report click here, and to browse the babybee prams range click here. Got questions? Say hello on social, email us on hello@babybeeprams.com.au, or call us on 1300 611 386.


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